Indic Categories

There is so much nonsense peddled by well-meaning Indians that  (a) one should use “Indian categories” to describe India; that (b) one should not use “Western categories” to describe India, her culture and her traditions; and that (c) one should not translate words from Indian languages, but retain them as “untranslatables”. Such responses indicate the depth of ignorance of these Indians and of those who scholars who espouse that crap. Here are bunch of posts to illustrate why such responses are untenable.

  1. Why use Indic categories to describe the world?
  2. Fuss about Indic categories I
  3. Fuss about Indic categories II
  4. Indians’ barren criticisms of Western translations
  5. Colonial consciousness: Sanskrit concepts (intranslatables)
  6. Disputes about words: Does Shivalinga mean phallus?
  7. Intercultural exchange of categories
  8. Translation, Interpretation and Culture: On the Disingenuity of a Comparative Theology
  9. Why insider/outsider game is sterile?
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  11. Second chapter of “The Heathen in His Blindness”: how ancient Christians (Jews) understood roman religio
  12. Eighth chapter of ‘The Heathen in His Blindness”: a chapter on what definitions are, what role they play
  13. Check the second chapter  on propositions in “Possible Worlds: An introduction to logic and philosophy”. This chapter deals with words vs. concepts, sentences vs. propositions