1. The Heathen in His Blindness: Asia, the West and the dynamic of religion   The ebook (pdf file) can be had from here ; hardcopy costs about US$25.

2. Reconceptualizing India Studies  published by OUP India; costs about $21.

3. Europe, India and the limits of Secularism published by OUP; costs about $27

4.  Do all roads lead to Jerusalem?: The making of Indian religions, published by Manohar Publishers. For more on this, check this post.

5. Chapter-wise questions and answers for the first book in order for you to help understand.

6. Online forum for Balu’s work.

7. For publications, check this site:

8. As others see us: A conversation on cultural differences

9. “We shall not cease from exploration …”

10. Western Foundations of the Caste System published by Palgrave Macmillan (2017)