Decolonizing social sciences

This site hosts a collection of posts and articles (both publish and unpublished) about many things related to India, her culture and her traditions.

Today, whatever descriptions exist about Indian culture is a product of labors of generations of western intellectuals. These descriptions are laden with many common sense themes, which are taken as true, because the whole western culture believes in their truth. The common sense of the western culture is a product of secularization of  Christianity as a religion. And Christianity has 2000 years of history. Christianity, as a socio-political entity, has faced many problems and reformulated the problems and questions it faced and provided solutions. Western intellectuals have taken over these problems and their solutions as a starting point of what we call social sciences today.

One of its pervert consequences is that it is sacrilegious to question the common sense of the west. This site  indirectly provides answers to many unsatisfactory questions Indian heathens have faced.

If you are new to this site, you can start with these posts.

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