Is Sat same as Popper’s third world?


[Note: sat सत् = Real ]

No, I cannot explain the real; nor has anybody else in the world. Even more radically: the Real can never be ‘explained’, nor will there be an explanatory theory, ever (that is what is meant by ‘providing an explanation’ or speak of explaining) about the real.

Well, if the ‘Real’ comprises of “all these doctrines” then the Real is the world of ideas as distinct from the material and the mental world. Popper believed this to be the case, and called it the ‘third world’. You are, therefore, right on the spot when you call me ignorant. Yes, indeed, I did not know that Indians were Popperians avant la letter: avant la letter, because Popper did it with a clarity and verve that Indians never attained. This is the second reason I do not want to wake up. ‘Awakening’ of the type you propagate is terribly depressing because the resultant ‘gyaanodaya’ is this: Buddha, Shankara, Ramanuja, Madva (to mention only a few names) merely “prepared” the advent of Sir Karl Popper, in exactly the same way all cultures in the world before Christ were merely ‘Praeparatione Evangelica’. I wish you, who appears to be a disciple of this new ‘praeparatione’ (the famous ‘Second Coming’?), the best of luck.