Devil worship in ‘Hinduism’

Here goes: that ‘Hindu’ religion is devil’s worship is central, crucial and vital to the religions that Judaism, Christianity and Islam are. ‘Why is that?’ you may ask. It is impossible to cover this question in the space of a post, and with the details the question demands. So, here is what can be done: (a) I will provide a very crude outline with respect to Christianity; (b) reread what I wrote about God and devil .

1. Christian religion claims that Jesus of Nazareth (a human being) is the Christ. (‘Christ’ means ‘the promised one’ or ‘the messiah’, ‘the anointed’; it is not the family name of Jesus.) Who promised what to whom do you think? According to both the Judaic religion and Christianity, God promised to deliver the ‘people of Israel’, under certain conditions, by sending someone (a messenger) down to earth to lead the people of Israel. How to recognize coming of the messiah? According to these two religions, God also would send ‘signs’ which the human beings could interpret.

2. Jesus of Nazareth was proclaimed as this ‘promised one’ (i.e. as the Christ) by the Christians. The Jews, who are still waiting for the messiah to come, considered him as ‘the false messiah’ and not the true one that God has promised. But the early Christians used the ‘book of Daniel’ (from the Old Testament Bible) to ‘prove’ that Jesus was also the Christ. (That is, they claimed that the divine signs, which should help human beings in recognizing the coming of Christ, were fulfilled. For this purpose, they used the book of Daniel.) The Jews refused to accept this claim.

3. The Christians claimed that God would deliver all humankind, if they followed the path and teachings of Christ (‘the gospel’ means the life and teachings of Christ) and that this was the only path to salvation. All other paths led to hell, and they are the lures that the devil has set up.

4. To proselytize means to spread God’s word. Do you know what that word is? That the messiah has come; He, the only son of God, died for our sins; and that, on the third day, He was resurrected. and that those who follow the path, and only those who follow this path, have any chance of salvation.

5. Being ‘saved’ means being saved from the clutches of the devil – i.e. from eternal damnation. You are not ‘saved’ because you are a moral person and an ethical being: you will be saved if, and only if, you follow Christ. (That is why, after all, the messiah came down to earth: to save our souls from the devil.)

6. The Christians are called ‘Christians’ because they believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ, i.e. the messiah came to earth some two thousand years ago, died for our sins, etc. A Buddha, a Shankara, for example, will go straight to hell, stay there for eternity because their ‘souls’ are not saved from the clutches of the devil.

7. The Jews are doomed, according to Christians, because they refuse to recognize that the messiah has already come. According to the Jews, Jesus is not the Christ, but a false messiah.

8. To summarize in slightly abstract terms: one worships the true God (this is what true religion is) so that one might be saved from the clutches of the false god (i.e. the devil). So, you see, opposition to the devil and his worship are absolutely crucial to Christianity; the true religion is defined against the false religion, just as the false god is defined against the true God.

9. So, according to them, humankind has only two choices: either go to hell for eternity, or hope that it can be saved from the clutches of the devil. This hope is the realization that God, in His infinite mercy, sent down his only son to lead us away from the devil and his worship. So, if you want to save your soul from the devil (God has given humankind the ‘freedom’ to choose between God and devil), you need to follow the Christ. Otherwise, you have chosen to follow the devil and earned a one way ticket to an eternal residence in hell.

10. Do you see now, why ‘Hinduism’ is necessarily the worship of the devil and why such a claim is crucial and central to Christianity? Mutatis mutandis, this story applies to Judaism and Islam equally.

11. Please keep in mind that I have given a crude outline only. This, however, does not mean that I have distorted their story. It merely means that I have not done justice to the subtlety and richness of their theologies. Regrettable, but unavoidable.

12. This should tell also why formulating their hostility towards ‘Hinduism’ or our responses to them in terms of ‘tolerance’ is hopelessly inadequate. This term is useful if you are talking about ‘heresies’ (i.e. differing accents and claims based on a core of commonly accepted theological beliefs); not when the issue is between the true religion and the false religions. (Take this bald claim for what it is worth: there is no space to argue this out in this context.)

9 thoughts on “Devil worship in ‘Hinduism’

  1. E.Roshan

    You are correct, Hindus worship devils. Jesus Christ is the son of God, God is in three state, that is Father, Son and the Holy spirit, It is like water, Water also takes three states that is Solid- Ice, Liquid- Water and Air.
    Islam’s Quran is the copy and paste of Old testament of the Bible. there is no doubt that Hindus worship Devil. Buddha is not God, he was a good person, and he worshiped Devils that is Hinduism. Judaism, they pray only to the Father like Muslims Hence, Christianity is the True Religion with no Doubt. We can discuss further, please contact me.

  2. James

    You are begging the question. If the Goddess Shakti is the One True God, than Jesus and Jehovah are the Devil – because they separate people from the grace of Shakti.

  3. Michelle Samuels

    Hinduism is filthy and false religion made by men inspired by Satan! The false God’s of Hinduism are ugly and diabolical. Corrupt disgusting religion.

    1. Vincent McCain

      You’re absolutely correct, Michelle. Hinduism is Satanic to it’s core. Their gods resemble with the Satanic Hermaphrodite and those who believe that Hinduism is the e religion of peace, they are falling to Satan.

  4. Late

    Agreed. Although the Vatican has tampered with even the original gospel as well. You’re supposed to walk in the spirit and live a lifestyle not of the flesh, but the whole thing has been distorted so much over the passed 2,000 years that we can’t really say what truth is until the Messiah arrives.

    The fact alone that so many follow these religions prove them false.

    Part of the doctrine may be true, but not with evil running the world.

    Matthew 7:13-14
    13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:

    14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

  5. klaus

    Hey guys why do you think that Hinduism is the worship of devil.I mean if Christianity is the only way to forgiveness than why boast about it and why criticize Hinduism.As a Hindu one is bound by certain principles and those work and give one the satisfaction that he is in this world for a reason and he should fulfill his responsibilities.They respect other religion as they are taught to do so and and they don’t about babbling their religion that it’s the only one to follow.
    So, to say Hinduism is the worship of devil is way out of line.Hope you give it a thinking.

    1. Donald Matthews

      There is nothing to respect when it comes to hinduism..Demon Worshipers..well we should respect people even if they are hindus but cant really say the same about a pagan worshiping religion aye.

  6. Varun Nigam

    There is nothing fruitful in discussing superior Hindu faith( philosophically, intellectually, Morally, scientifically superior) with Abhrahmic Morons. They still believe the world to be 10000 years old. But now with concrete scientific evidence it has been proven world to be billions of years old as described in Hindu, Jain and Buddhist texts.
    Let them believe in Jew Zombie who would deliver them from eternal hell if they eat his flesh and drink his blood. This act will absolve them from sins committed by Rib women who ate fruit of knowledge after being persuaded by a speaking snake.
    The utterly foolish myth with even worse philosophy will lead its followers to eternal cycle of birth in lower form of life and suffering.
    May wrath of Bhairav burn these fanatics loonies in eternal fire of ignorance and suffering.

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