Kids of NRI and their Balvihar education

Irrespective of what Hindu kids are told we have, they will discover later that that all the beliefs they have heard and been taught about, everything about the Ten Commandments and the manifestations of the ‘brahman’, and so on are based on stories. They will discover too that these gods of their, these ‘manifestations’ of Brahman, display immoral and disgusting behaviors: like incest, adultery, lying, cheating, murder, and so on and so forth. They will discover furthermore that there is no theology worth speaking of in the Indian traditions, and they will become one deeply ashamed Indian if they come across the Christian evangelicals or writers like the future Kripals or Courtrights. Their training (in Balvihar) will have set them up as an easy target for conversion into a Christianity or Islam (if (s)he remains ‘religious’).If not, they might grow up to loathe the tradition they are part of. They will not have been provided with the weapons they need in order to survive a theological discussion about the nature of ‘Hinduism’.

When their ‘beliefs’ get shattered, as they are very likely to be, at that stage, many options will be open to them. One such is to look around for a description of the culture and tradition of their parents that will give their dignity back to him. There is a very slim chance that they will come across the results of our research and there is an equally slim chance that the questions and answers will appeal to them. They will not be entirely helpless. I am working to give such kids a fighting chance to survive decently and with pride. To what extent I am going to be successful in this venture, I do not know. But I will do all I can to see that they do not get thrown to the wolves.