Criticism: you are spreading hate

Criticism: You are spreading hate by citing Deschner’s work– Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums and ANY idiot knows even the title is stupid.

I have not cited a single atrocity that Christianity has committed in order to incite hate towards Christianity. In fact, I have not even discussed any specific theological doctrine of any kind of Christianity, except to speak of the Christological dilemma. This dilemma is discussed by theologians, themselves Christians, in the field of Christology. And even here, I localise in it the dynamics of Christianity. The intolerance of Christianity, I say very explicitly, is its property by virtue of being a religion. That is to say, according to my research, all religions are intolerant. You might want to disagree with it; you are welcome to put your arguments across that refute the result of my research. But how does this constitute spreading hate? I am puzzled.

You seem offended by the reference I give to Deschner’s work, and you say that ANY idiot knows even the title is stupid. For your benefit, read reviews from many different types of people: philosophers, theologians, doctors, historians both secular and Christian, and so on. You might want to think that all these people are idiots; but think of what it does to your credibility if you make such a statement without having read the books or without being able to back up your assertion.