Criticism: Nonsense

Regarding nonsense. I take it you mean that my claims are false or wrong. In that case, I would like to read your reasons. There is no point in simply saying something like that without telling which other theory of religion does better than mine. Even if there are problems in my theory, I claim that this is the best theory we have in the market place. If you think differently, I would like you to tell us the way in which any of the competitor theories in the market place does better. Of course, as a scientist, I do know (and accept) at a meta-level that all my claims are hypothetical and tentative. I very honestly hope to see and greet, before I die, a much better theory of religion than the one I am developing. Such a process will come into being, if people like you discuss the theory in a critical but rational way. It will not, if people continue nit-picking and come up with irrelevant criticisms.