Criticism: don’t judge others!

You ask us not to ‘judge’. It is not clear what the force of judgment is to which you object. When I listen to someone (today) insisting that the earth is flat or that the Sun revolves round the earth, I judge that this person (in all probability) does not have much of an idea about the physical theories. Because I am not sure, I try to find out what his arguments are. If they do not cognitively satisfy me, I judge that he is wrong. I do not see what is wrong with this kind of judgment. Equally, I do judge that Hitler is an immoral human being. I do not see what is wrong with this kind of moral judgment either. You might want to say that one ought not to judge the ‘worth’ of a person. Frankly, I do not understand what such a sentiment wants to say. I cannot judge whether the life of some X or Y is worth living, simply because I have no way of judging it either way. Nor can I say anything about the worth of human existence. (From which perspective? The cosmic perspective?) If some person were to ask me whether it makes any difference to the Cosmos whether the human race exists or not, I would not know how to go about answering this question. Consequently, any answer will do as far as I am concerned.